EBRD scraps loan for construction of hydro power plant in western Macedonia

Bokov Most Hydro Power Plant, hereinafter referred to as Bokov Most HPP, is planned to be built in Mala Reka valley in the southernmost part of the mavrovo national park.It will have a total capacity of 70 MW. The project threatens the survival of the Balkan lynx. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development agreed in November 2011 to lend EUR 65 million to Macedonia for the.

The EBRD’s 65 million loan to the Macedonian electricity generation utility ELEM for the construction of Boskov Most hydro power plant in Mavrovo National Park was available for five years and expired as conditions for disbursement were not met. No disbursements were made and the loan has now been cancelled.


CONSTRUCTION OF 2 SMALL HYDROPOWER PLANTS. EPS (Serbian state-owned power utility) plans the construction of 2 small hydropower plants on existing dams – SHPP Celije and SHP P Rovni. The project is a part of the programme for reconstruction of SHPPs through the loan of EBRD.

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Hydro power plant boskov Most, National Park Mavrovo, Macedonia Symbolic protest of lynx for their habitat – Macedonian CSOs helped by Bankwatch put 20 stuffed lynxes, which is half of the remaining natural population, in the access area to the EBRD Annual General Meetings in Warsaw in May 2014

the investment of EBRD in the construction of 51 HPPs in Western Balkans the investment. of untapped hydropower potential. macedonia has a technical hydropower potential as of 5,500 GWh, only. hydro power plant Kozjak on the Drava River is in the planning stage.

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he 685 kW Krapska river small hydropower plant (SHPP) will be a small addition to the electricity production of North Macedonia but embodies the shortcomings of hydropower development in the Western Balkans. The plant location was initially identified in 1982 study, together with 400 other locations. The

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EBRD financing for new hydropower plant in FYR Macedonia. The financing will be extended to the state-owned electricity generation company AD Elektrani na Makedonija (ELEM). The new Boskov Most hydropower plant, to be built near the town of Debar in the western part of the country, will have a generation capacity of 70 MW.