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Speaking at the ceremony, Jasim al Emadi, director of the Local Development Department at QC, said, “The Future’s Writers.

Are accessory dwelling units an answer to Bay Area housing crisis? Yes and no Rising tensions in Two Bridges The French expert explains that Donald Trump’s tweets of May 5 increased tension between Washington and Beijing and re-launched new discussions on the terms of a trade agreement between the two powers.Cypress Equity’s apartment project advances in Santa Monica April 2, 2018 — A proposed apartment complex on Lincoln Boulevard, initially deemed by City officials as being too imposing and too close to the santa monica freeway, heads back to the Planning Commission on Wednesday with a recommendation of approval after changes to the blueprints.

(c) [Future advances and other value.] A security agreement may provide that collateral secures, or that accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, or promissory notes are sold in connection with, future advances or other value, whether or not the advances or value are given pursuant to commitment.

A future-advance mortgage offers money for future needs, using today’s collateral to protect the purchase. One example of a future-advance mortgage is a construction mortgage, which loans money for the land and then continues to loan you money as construction progresses on the house.

It’s hip to be square: Melo breaks ground on Square Station apartments in Miami august start set for Gulch office tower | Nashville Post The seller was Park at Hillside W TIC LLC and Park at hillside 752 itc llc, which paid $6.1 million for the multi-building property in August 2013. Lake (Antioch), Hallmark at the Park (North.Mr Abramovich also said he had six apartments and one house in London, four homes in Russia, three homes in France – including two in its Caribbean colony of St. as two of the pair’s London homes.

Indebtedness and Advances resulting from (i) re-Advances and repayments of Indebtedness, (ii) lack of outstanding Indebtedness before an Advance, or (iii) the failure of the Insured Mortgage to comply with the requirements of state law of the state in which the Land is located to secure Advances. 3.

Future timeline, a timeline of humanity’s future, based on current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology such as Moore’s Law, the latest medical advances, and the evolving geopolitical landscape.

Future mobile phones will also dock right into the smart homes of the future, and physically into a smart socket or digitally via advanced versions of close proximity communications technologies such.

A future advance is a clause in a mortgage which provides for additional availability of funds under the loan contract. If a future advance clause is included in a loan contract then the borrower.

This Agreement evidences a future advance ("FUTURE ADVANCE") made by the LENDER pursuant to the future advance provision of the MORTGAGE referred to hereinabove. It is agreed that this future advance is evidenced by the future advance promissory Note in the principal amount of $7,246,111.89.

49ers new Santa Clara stadium cost goes up again – to $1.3 billion The 49ers built their $1.3 billion Santa Clara stadium without a direct public subsidy – though not without city help, and with potential risk if revenues fall short.. Levi’s Stadium is a.

Guideline: ALTA Endorsement 14.1 and 14.1-06 (Future Advance-Knowledge) W and WO/MML Explanation: This endorsement insures against (1) invalidity or unenforceability of the insured mortgage as security for Advances; (2) lack of priority of the lien of the insured mortgage as security for Advances; and (3) invalidity or unenforceability of the mortgage because of Re-Advances and repayments.