Trinity Triangle – Groundbreaking ‘imminent’

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Decatur’s Trinity Triangle was first green-lighted in 2007, aka the jolly days before the economy went to hell, but has languished in development purgatory ever since. The shuttering of Decatur’s.

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The rent at Zang Triangle Apartments ranges from $1,069 for a studio to a $1,979 two bedroom. Apartments in this building are about as expensive as the Dallas average. This is a pet-friendly apartment. This apartment is in Dallas. Nearby parks include Lake Cliff Park, Burnett Field and Trinity River Greenbelt Park.

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GROUND BROKEN ON LIZ BERGER PARK The Broadsheet has all the details on the groundbreaking for Elizabeth Berger Park, which will be in the traffic triangle (well, it’s more of a lima bean) created by Greenwich, Trinity and the little Edgar Street, a couple blocks north of The Battery. The park is expected to be completed next August.

But, from the research we did, a number of those known to be missing in the Emerald Counties, are not listed on the site. For instance, we were able to compile only 50 missing people in Humboldt County from the DOJ’s site and other sources such as news reports and websites like NamUs-the National Missing and Unidentified Persons’ System.

Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s vision is to provide transit services that make Tarrant County more livable and support continued economic growth.

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One Canal, adjacent to the Avenir building (completed by Trinity Financial in 2009), continues the transformation of the Bulfinch Triangle area into a mixed-use district that complements its surrounding areas and brings vitality to an area once in shadow from the elevated highway and Green Line structures.